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Updating information in the Member Portal

December 1, 2016

Note: This article was originally posted in our December 2016 newsletter, and has not been updated.  Some of the information in this article may no longer be current.

Members are reminded to use the Member Portal to update their information on file with the College, including contact information, practice location(s), hospital and birth centre privileges and certifications. In accordance with Article of 14.06 of the College’s General By-law, members are required to inform the College of any change in information as noted below. Updating one’s information via the Member Portal would constitute having informed the College.

14.06 – Changes to Information

A Member shall inform the College, in writing, of a change to any of the following within fourteen (14) days of the change:

  1. any change to the Member’s name that has been made in the register of the College from the date of the Member’s initial registration with the College;
  2. his or her residential address, telephone number and personal email address;
  3. the name, business address and business telephone number of every practice with which the Member is affiliated, whether as a sole proprietor, a partner, an associate or in some

other capacity as a Midwife;

  1. the name of each hospital, birth centre and health facility in Ontario where the Member has privileges, the date that each privilege was granted and terminated;
  2. any of the information required to be provided to the College pursuant to paragraphs (b) through (l) of by-law 14.05.

The Member Portal also provides members access to printable

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