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Winter 2020 On Call – Practice Advisories

February 13, 2020

Note: This article was originally published in our Winter 2020 edition of our On Call newsletter, and has not been updated.

Updating & Using Client Binders

Client binders are an important way of providing information to clients and setting expectations regarding their care. As a result, the client binder should always align with midwifery practise. For example, if the client binder states that the client’s fundal height will be measured at certain times during their care, midwives should perform the measurements at these stated times. Midwives are encouraged to regularly review and update their client binders to ensure that they accurately reflect their practise.

In addition, midwives are reminded that client binders are an appropriate way of relaying information to only those clients who have the literacy skills to read the materials and are willing to receive information in that form.

Relevant Professional Standards

14. Listen to clients and provide information in ways they can understand.

16.1 Recognize clients as the primary decision-makers and provide informed choice in all aspects of care by providing information so that clients are informed when making decisions about their care

23. Be accountable and responsible for clients in your care and for your professional decisions and actions

Protecting Personal Health Information on Electronic Devices

Midwives are reminded that personal health information accessed over electronic devices such as phones and computers should not be accessible to family members or friends using those devices. Midwives should implement privacy protection measures such as the use of passwords, encrypted software and using separate devices for work-related purposes.

Professional Standards

37. Take every reasonable precaution to protect the confidentiality and privacy of your clients’ personal health information, unless release of information is required or permitted by law.

Relevant Resource:

Guide on Personal Health Information & Protection Act